Strategy + Innovation = Impact

Leveraging innovative technology to strengthen communities.

Community engagement is at the core of our vision. We use creativity, design, media, and technology to strengthen those connections.

Challenge + Opportunity

New Technologies for Engagement

Organizations need to maintain and expand engagement with new and existing audiences as communications technologies evolve
Younger cohorts are interested in science, culture, history, and identity - but expect the physical and digital worlds to be seamlessly integrated with the latest technology
Funders are looking for innovative and engaging projects with a positive impact on their target communities, including younger audiences

cWave Labs designs strategies that merge physical and digital, using innovative technology to connect diverse audiences to educational and cultural experiences

We work with organizations to develop proposals for sponsors that are fresh, unique, and specific to their needs

We use creative production models to build solutions that are affordable and profitable for organizations

Our Mission

Strategies for Engaging Diverse Communities on Multiple Platforms

Across Multiple Platforms


Interactive and
immersive installations can extend the organization’s presence to other public spaces and locations


Extended Reality (XR) technologies can add
new layers of learning and engagement to traditional exhibits


Custom apps and social platforms provide multiple opportunities for organizations to engage with specific communities