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About Us

cWave is a creative strategy and media development group driven by passion and innovation.


We specialize in blending multiple disciplines and technologies to help you connect and engage with the multiple communities that are most important to your mission.

We work with:


Employees, Teams & Leadership


Customers & Strategic Partners


Learners & Student Groups


Community Groups & Volunteers

Our strength

from the multiple perspectives provided by our extended team of inquisitive professionals from around the world, with rich and diverse cultural



We integrate

multiple skills and disciplines from science, art, education, writing, design, marketing, physical and digital technologies into compelling programs and installations

Multiple Disciplines


strategies and platforms generate multiple opportunities for organizations to connect with visitors and learners across generations to deepen and enrich engagement

Multiple Generations

By combining

multiple interactive 

and immersive technologies, we can attract visitors, enhance impact, deepen learning, and extend outreach to multiple communities

Multiple Technologies

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