Addressing the Social Isolation of Seniors in a Pandemic Scenario

Extreme Isolation

More than ever, seniors are isolated in their room at the care facility or at home, with no group activities, no special events or visits. There are often severe restrictions on access to immediate family, staff or volunteers.

The problem has always been there, but today it is more critical than ever.

How can we integrate immersive and interactive technologies into senior care programs to address the social isolation and loneliness of the elderly?

There’s a new generation of accessible and affordable technologies that can help care providers address social isolation, resident engagement, satisfaction, and convenience:

Virtual reality, for travel, experience, and activities

Video chat, connecting to family, friends, volunteers, and community

Voice response, for conversation, content, and controls

Service apps, for ordering and monitoring

Integrated Program

We are developing an integrated program including research, content curation, tech selection, interaction design, and staff training to support care providers in addressing social isolation in their facilities:

•Senior Care Facilities

•Home Care Agencies

•HMOs & Care Networks

•Volunteer Networks

Contact us about developing a pilot program for your organization.