cWave also provides consulting and training in media strategy

for STEM organizations. .

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If you're hoping to leverage

online and experiential media to

increase your outreach and impact,

we can help.

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STEM organizations have some of the world's best stories to tell, with lots of chances to tell them … but that can become a problem.


As outreach expands, chances to engage with critical audiences through digital media and content increase exponentially.


New spokespeople with less experience. New opportunities to showcase your message, new channels and content platforms requiring media in different formats. New variations of the story for different communities.

Your impact is suddenly constrained by the ability to create and manage content. If you’ve got limited resources, you may be feeling the strain or missing important opportunities.

We can show you how to reach out farther, faster, at less cost.

We can introduce you to strategies that help you develop and share your story with more audiences and communities, more quickly and efficiently.

And we can show you ways to enhance your media and presentation toolkit that are less expensive and more flexible, but result in greater impact.

These include innovative media design strategies, resources, tool kits, technology solutions and process best practices.

You can make capturing stories, visualizing themes, and animating messages more democratic within your organization, a shared common everyday activity that supports your mission.


We've developed a practical workbook and offer online workshops for your staff at no cost to help you get started. Let's discuss the potential in a brief call at your convenience.