Global Challenges


Many global societal challenges are complex and multi-layered. Scalable solutions require many inputs, components, and partners.  

It takes a big village to solve a big problem, and sometimes it is impossible for any one organization to start down that road.

stone soup.jpeg

We use our "Stone Soup" methodology, named after the classic folk tale in which hungry visitors proposed to a frugal village an improbable vision (making soup from a stone) which inspired the villagers to share and create a wonderful meal for the whole community. 

1) We start with a provocative vision

2) Seed conversations with potential supporters, experts, influencers, and partners


3) Gradually adding multiple communities in dialogue


4) Facilitating a structured process to encourage collaborative projects leading to one or more real-world solutions. 

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We are aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).