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 Who we are & What we do 


At cWave Labs we: 

Identify how some communities can be excluded in sharing the beauty of nature through inaccessible information.

Connect people to science and nature with cutting edge tech.  


Develop partnerships and supporting equity for diverse story sharers.

Our Services


cWave Labs was founded in 2017 by Mac Cardona, a wildlife biologist. 


We are a creative lab where scientists, artists, and designers work together to develop impactful content and unique strategies that reach ALL communities.

Our Services

Virtual Events


Virtual Spaces

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Mobile Interaction

cWave-Labs-App on iphone with mountain s

Artifical Intelligence

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We have experience in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (ER); Film Festival Production; Science Engagement and Communication; and Company or Organization Conferences.

At cWave Labs we


Innovate with an Impact

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