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The Future of Healthcare is Radically Accessible and Distributable


Our healthcare initiative started with a simple question:


To improve healthcare equity for underserved communities, we need to radically improve access. Other industries are using advanced technology to radically reduce costs and enhance distribution of products and services, by 2X to 10X in some cases. Why not healthcare?

Our healthcare initiatives focus on programs that facilitate innovation and the application of new technologies to healthcare delivery. They include:


  • OpenAccess.Health

  • Care Design Toolkit

  • Community Health Futures 

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WHAT IF we could more quickly integrate advanced technologies like AI, robotics, wearable and biosensors, 3D printing, low-code applications and cloud-based data analysis into telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM).


The benefits for healthcare equity would be enormous. The challenge is to think out of the box across multiple disciplines and communities.

We're building a blockchain-enabled sandbox to help researchers link new sensors and devices to AI analytics and care management platforms.

The dream is a radically more flexible, accessible, decentralized and patient-empowering model of telehealth, mobile and hospital-at-home care.

We're giving service grants for teams interested in using the sandbox for development projects. Contact us if you're interested in collaborating.

Ready to Get Involved?

Contact us at to learn more about RAD Healthcare projects 

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