We connect, engage and inspire communities using STEM stories

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We work with STEM organizations to expand their audience, break down traditional barriers, and make science accessible for all.

We believe the world of evolving tech should be available to every community and we are passionate about developing engaging strategies to make that possible.

We are Experienced Industry Leaders

Our team is composed of a diverse group of scientists turned science storytellers. We want to break the mold and lead with new communication blueprints.

Founded in #### by CEO Mac Cardona, our mission is to design engaging content that merge physical and digital communications by using cutting edge technology to create educational STEM experiences.

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Our Mission

cWave Labs is a strategy and interactive media development company whose mission is to connect, engage, and inspire communities by blending multiple disciplines, technologies, and bold innovation in creative and impactful ways.

Our Vision

We strive to connect people with science and nature across ALL communities. We are committed to drive impact through thoughtful design and seek to inspire others to support, advance, or spark the movement of conservation efforts. We aim to help with increasing scientific literacy wherever possible to strengthen our global society.  

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Immersive Storytelling

We are not just content creators. We are science storytellers with a unique perspective and a diverse background. We merge the physical and virtual, teaching and inspiring through augmented reality, tailor-made apps, and creative spaces.

We love helping STEM organizations create interactive and immersive installations that not only educate, but also inspire.

Innovative Strategies

Together we can develop your strategy, maximize the impact of your programs, and expand your reach of ideas and knowledge to a diverse audience of listeners. Whether you’re looking to develop interactive installations, extended reality (XR) or virtual reality (VR) exhibits, or custom apps for your next project, we are the team that can help you share your STEM story with innovation, ease, and impact.

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