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What We Do

See your engagement rise with our help!

cWave Labs has the experience, skills, and resources to address a broad range of strategic interactions.

Let’s defy conventions together!

We have experience in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (ER); Film Festival Production; Science Engagement and Communication; and Company or Organization Conferences. 

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Traditional communication styles are ineffective.
We offer is the opposite of that.



Moving away from traditional means, cWave Labs uses creative scripting, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, video, interactive media, and much more to effectively convey your message.

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We do not exist in a bubble. In fact, we want to be a part of as many communities as possible! Through networking events and diverse environments, such as trade shows and exhibits, our team will find the perfect home for your project to thrive in.

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Connecting your project to communities is just the first step. Educating the communities you want to connect with ensures a long-lasting impact.

Through informal learning strategies, training content, virtual learning environments, and much more, cWave Labs goes the extra mile to establish long-term and sustainable change for generations to come.



Not only do we directly target diverse communities to connect to your project, but we also network with like-minded organizations to ensure your project has a long future ahead of it.

Our Toolkit has technologies and strategies that will help you expand your community reach. 


Virtual Events

Now more than ever do we recognize the power of the virtual world.

Through video conferencing in VR and streaming media for meetings, conferences, and trade shows, cWave Labs have strategized ways to effectively communicate your message across a global playing field.


Virtual Spaces

Once-off events are a good starting point but why not have ongoing spaces? We can offer you 3D experiences, consisting of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, for your marketing and training needs!

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cWave-Labs-App on iphone with mountain s

Mobile Interaction

Put the power in the hands of those you want to positively impact while letting them tell you what they need...and have fun while doing it!

Through apps, games, and user-generated content, cWave Labs can help you gather the most accurate information directly from your audience while sustaining them as your viewership.


Artificial Intelligence

We offer voice bots, text bots, and AI-guided interfaces, communication with your targeted community is objective, and informative.  

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Sea Turtle

Are you ready to connect your stories to all communities through innovative methods? 

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