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XRstations are compelling and flexible exhibit concepts that leverage the unique experiential value of 3D virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR).

Engaging visitors

XRstations are particularly suited for engaging visitors in observing real-world behavior, the natural movements of animals and plants, microscopic life, complex mechanics and physical principles.

XR Station 5.4 Cropped.jpg
XR Station 5.4 Cropped.jpg

Flexible Design

XRstations can be adopted to small and large spaces, focus on one or many different topics. integrate multiple media types (e.g. video and animation) and include large screens, tablets, and/or the visitor's devices. 

For example, visitors can “walk” around the unique Manta Birostris, absorbing details of their pectoral “wings”, mouth and tail, observing the fluid movement of flying in water, comparing the model to other species, e.g. birds and sharks.


The real-as-life experience leads to natural questions. How does it breathe?? How does it feed and navigate?

Immersive Experience

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