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About Us


cWave Labs is your strongest point of connecting to engage and interact with your community and multiple others that are important to your mission. 

We are a strategy and interactive media development company that connects people with science and nature across ALL communities, including yours!

Do you need compassionate and compelling engagement between your communities and your efforts? Through a passion for storytelling and innovative communication blueprints, our diverse and well-trained team can help!

Our purpose is to develop projects and supporting efforts, like yours, that connect people with science and nature.


We defy conventions to achieve this as established ways of communicating science and nature information are proven to be ineffective. Diversity is key here. We place a special focus on diversifying the way these types of efforts reach communities. It is through diverse stories told by diverse storytellers that the inclusivity of ALL communities is strengthened. 


cWave Labs also develops partnerships and supports efforts to create equity for diverse story sharers.


Mac Cardona is a wildlife biologist and story sharer who uses visual storytelling and a number of other immersive 3D tools.


With experience in the scientific field spanning many years, Mac identified how some communities can be excluded in sharing the beauty of nature through inaccessible information. 


True to Mac, she could not let this continue. She set out to build a creative lab where scientists, artists, and designers could work together to develop impactful content and creative strategies that reach ALL communities.


Thus, cWave Labs was born.

About Our Founder

Our mission is to connect, engage, and inspire communities by blending multiple disciplines, technologies, and bold innovation in creative and impactful ways.